Fred May and Ruth Kavanagh established this Company in 1997.

Over the years, Intuit WorldWide has been a leader in creating, producing and performing original and innovative music and theatre projects such as the Power of Rhythm Multi-Cultural Show, Sticks&Stones...the dynamics of bullying and the wellness drum circles of the Medicine Drum Zone.

Our latest project: CD: "INTERVENTION" 

Featuring the Song: "Caledonia Resistance" 
Presently editing Music Video with on-site World Exclusive Video footage.


Songs from the RockOpera...lies, litanies and laments...

RUTH KAVANAGH...emPower Rock, songs of self and social conscience in the deep, dynamic groove...
Debut single: "PAYING" 

Thanks to our sponsors, many thousands have been able to experience the multi-colourful magic of the Power of Rhythm and the music with meaning of Sticks&Stones...the dynamics of bullying.

Our present project is both an extension and expansion of the multi-genre and creative activism inherent in all our life.

Our goal is to continue creating, producing and performing the most astonishing, original and highest quality music and theatre projects world-wide. 
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Fred May 

CEO of Intuit WorldWide.

Composer, arts educator, musician, drummer, producer, photographer, videographer, Fred also handles most administration, including marketing, management and touring consultation.

Ruth Kavanagh

Artistic Director for Intuit WorldWide.

Activist, arts educator, singer, songwriter, dancer, producer, choreographer, costume design. Ruth's Site :                                                                         Ruth"s Blog :